A few months ago Lauren who turns 8 years old in April 2014,  was asked by her ballet school to attend an audition with their drama class as they were approached by Channel 5 TV looking for young kids to take part in a TV programme. Of course I could not say no to this opportunity so I put her forward. We were told a few weeks ago that Lauren was one of 5 girls that was selected to appear on this show, (over 70 kids auditioned) so you can imagine my shock and delight as there was some very tough competition! What was so humbling was that they did not realise she was profoundly deaf and were impressed with her articulation and use of language that she spoke with confidence and maturity. She will be the only deaf child on this mainstream TV show.

When I look back to when Lauren was a very little baby and remember all the worries and anxieties we had surrounding her deafness as she grew into a young girl, we never imagined that she would be able to be viewed as a child that is no different to her hearing peers. It’s really remarkable to see that she has been able to shine through in that way.

Lauren had her first AB Implant when she was 2 years old and then the second was implanted when she was 6 years old, so she has had to learn and retrain her brain to listen with her new implant. We have had many therapy sessions and she has had a great deal of input and therefore has really maximised the best of what this technology can give her.

I strongly feel that if she didn’t have such a wonderful support system around her whilst she was so little from AVUK and their team of amazing therapists and teachers in addition to those at her school – along with everyone’s care and the time put into her development - that she would not have been as impressive as she was at the audition, so it clearly shows she is going on the right path!

I hope that parents watching it will feel inspired and encouraged that anything is possible with hard work and determination and even when you feel that your child is not ‘hearing’ or ‘receiving relevant information’ they will soon show positive response and will continue to surprise and amaze you, you must never give up!! Lauren is a very determined, hardworking and wonderful caring child with such a positive outlook and is a shining example of what deaf children of today can achieve.

I truly believe that the team at AVUK were the ones that helped us get through the (difficult) early years of Laurens’ life and we were very empowered by them and believe that all new families will benefit from their expertise and their care.

Most of all Lauren had the best experience of her life! she really enjoyed it. Jacqui 

The Great Christmas Toy Giveaway is a one-off 2hr special with Myleene Klass

It will be aired at 7pm Tuesday 10th December on Channel 5 & repeated on Saturday 14th December at 11 am


If you’d like to watch Lauren on Demand 5 she is on at 57 minutes 10 seconds