With less than two weeks to go until the London Marathon on 28 April, one of our runners, Chris, has filled us in on how training is going…

The tapering down of training begins. All the hard yards of training in theory having been done already…

Technically my tapering started a couple of weeks ago as I have been dealing with a bit of dodgy knee. It sounds like not many people get to the start line without having had some kind of niggle during training though, so I can’t complain too much! I’m actually quite looking forward to it now if that’s not a little naïve of me.

Now it’s all about keeping loose and eating a lot of starchy carbs (I can definitely do that bit). I’m also busily putting together a list of uplifting music to get me round some of the trickier miles on the race day (any suggestions welcome).

Thanks everyone for all the sponsorship and support to date – the more we can raise for AVUK off the back of this, the more great work they can continue to do. The link again is here https://www.avuk.org/donate/donate-now/10

If anyone has any good race day tips or has any questions on the build-up to the marathon or the work that AVUK does, let us know by emailing [email protected]


Our London office sits on the route, and we’d love it if families and supporters came together with staff to cheer on the runners (including Chris and Steve who are taking part for AVUK). We’ll be here from 10am with refreshments and toilet facilities, so if you’d like to come along please RSVP us at [email protected] 
We hope to see you there!