Tell us about your professional background to date:

I recently qualified from Birmingham City University with a BSc in Speech and Language Therapy and I was fortunate enough to experience working with both adults and children on clinical placement. I am passionate about coaching parents to become their child's best teacher and promoting learning through play. I have briefly had the opportunity to coach parents of children at varying levels of language development, and I look forward to continuing to develop these skills at AVUK.

Can you remember the first time you experienced auditory verbal therapy? AVUK Emma

I first experienced AVT during my final year placement at the Birmingham Cochlear Implant Programme. Here, I was able to meet families at various stages of their auditory verbal journey, and I was awed by their stories. I met families who were just starting out, anxious but hopeful, and I met families towards the end of their programme, beaming with pride. Instantly, I was hooked.

What are you looking forward to in your new job role?

I am looking forward to being part of a rapidly expanding team, dedicated to giving every child who is deaf the opportunity to listen, talk and participate fully in everyday activities. I am also looking forward to campaigning to raise awareness of AVT so that more families can make informed choices about the full range of options available for their hearing impaired child. Most of all, I am looking forward to working alongside a variety of new families and learning how best to help them support their children’s language development.

How have your first couple of weeks been? 

Everyone at AVUK has been really welcoming, and I feel so lucky to be part of such a dynamic and inspiring team!