A review of eligibility criteria to have Cochlear Implants fitted on the NHS now mean more children and adults will be able to benefit from the technology.

Previously, people with severe to profound deafness were largely only eligible to be considered for a cochlear implant if they were unable to hear sounds of less than 90 decibels hearing level at 2 particular frequencies The updated NICE guidance now recommends a less stringent criteria of hearing sounds louder than only 80 decibels without hearing aids, at two or more frequencies.

It is estimated that around 1,260 people in England receive cochlear implants each year. NICE said that this number could increase by 70% to 2,150 by 2025, as a result of the updated guidance.

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Ben, aged four, who is helped by Auditory Verbal UK, was classed as a borderline candidate meaning his mum Joanna had to fundraise for his surgery. She is “delighted” with the change.

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