AVUK is delighted to congratulate our graduate Alex on his recent musical successes. Alex has been awarded a ‘distinction’ in his recent Grade 4 drumming examination. Alex will be sitting his GCSEs any day now but has already achieved an A* for his Music composition and an A* in his Music performance. These grades make up a large percentage of his overall marks for GCSE music and so we’re keeping everything crossed for him!  Alex also sings in his School Chamber Choir and is now a fully-fledged member of his local Community Choir too.

Alex was referred 16 years ago, after he was diagnosed with severe hearing loss following his mother’s concerns when he was just a few weeks old. He was one of the first children in the country to be fitted with digital (rather than analogue) hearing aids. Alex and his parents joined our AVUK programme when Alex was 2½ years old and graduated in time to start at his local primary school.

It has been wonderful that Alex and his mother have kept in touch with AVUK after their initial graduation from the programme. We wish Alex every continuing success in his Music and in his other GCSE subjects.