My A-level results day was the 16th of August 2018 and followed a much more normal two years of work than the current class of students. I remember feeling anxious before opening my grades but also relieved and ready to celebrate when I found out I would be reading History at Durham University the following year. Although it is definitely a nerve-racking time (I think I stopped breathing whilst reading my grades!) I would strongly encourage people to remember that:

[A] You’ve worked hard and deserve success

[B] These results will not determine your future

[C] You can’t go back in time. Enjoy the Summer and whatever opportunities await the following year (whether what you expected or not) make sure to take full advantage of them and enjoy the next few years.

Since attending university, I have been amazed by the opportunities presented to me and grateful that my deafness has not held me back from taking advantage of a single one. I have met a wonderful group of people, enjoyed my subject thoroughly and had some amazing experiences! I am about to enter my final year (it’s unbelievable how quickly the time goes by) and despite the disruption we all face I am determined to make it the best yet, achieve the results I want, become closer to my friends and take advantage of every opportunity. I wish you the best of luck.

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