Every year, AVUK has a number of runners taking part in the half marathon held at Silverstone at the race track. This year on a blustery Sunday, 19 runners took part in the 13.1 mile run around the racetrack. Well done to the fastest AVUK runner, Darren who finished with a time of  1 hr 35 min!

Despite the overcast, windy conditions (19 mph) and cool temperature of seven degrees a record 6,930 runners made it around the iconic corners of the world-famous racetrack.We are so disappointed for the two runners who could not finish due to injury.

Many thanks to our runners who have raised over £6,000 between them:

  • Amazing AVUK dads Chris Campbell, Nick Wadsley & Darren Fellingham
  • David, Mehdi, Niall and  Felicity from Lawrence Graham.
  • Helen, Bobby, Fiona and Monique from Williams Lea
  • Laura, James and Ben from Oxford Young Professionals Society
  • Steve Sandles & Tim French
  • Graeme Mackennon
  • Niall Browne
  • Steve Smith