Hi, I’m Chris, and I have the privilege of being able to run the London Marathon this year to raise funds for AVUK.

I first became aware of AVUK and the amazing work they do because of a little girl called Grace. Grace is two years old, and the daughter of one of the team at work. She was born profoundly deaf. (Grace featured in AVUK's 12 Days of Christmas campaign).

Like many, I had absolutely no idea what medical treatment, technology or therapy was available to someone in that position, and I assumed her options were limited. However, seeing Grace today, and how well she is able to absorb and communicate with the world around her I realise now that my assumption was wrong. I also hear she is quite good at communicating exactly what she wants from her parents!

The fact that Grace is able to do this though is to a large extent down to the hard work, expertise, commitment and support of AV UK and her family. Grace is also not a one-off story. There are many more children and adults who are benefiting from the work being done by AV UK.

The least I can do then is to chuck on some trainers and run a few miles to try and help raise some funds. I’ve not done a marathon before, but how hard can it be…? Well, over the next few weeks in the build-up to 28 April, and on the day itself, I’ll let you know!

In the meantime, if you want to support AVUK (and keep me honest with the training!) you can donate via the following link and leave us a comment to let us know you are supporting Chris: https://www.avuk.org/donate/donate-now/10