Auditory Verbal UK has published our 2019 position paper which gives an overview of the most recent international evidence base for the Auditory Verbal approach.

This position paper discusses the current challenges faced by young people who are deaf, both educationally and socially, and advances in technology and family centred early intervention programmes.

It also explores the global picture of Auditory Verbal practice and what more can be done to enable more families to access it across the UK.

Anita Grover, CEO of Auditory Verbal UK, has said of the launch:

The international evidence base for Auditory Verbal therapy is growing. Our new position paper demonstrates the impact of this family-centred, early intervention programme for children with permanent hearing loss. We hope that it will encourage decisions makers in the UK to have much higher expectations for children with hearing loss and enable families to access Auditory Verbal therapy across NHS and Local Authority services.  

Click here to view the PDF of the latest edition of the position paper. 

If you have any questions about new research, or if you would like to request a printed version of the position paper, please feel free to get in touch with our Research Co-ordinator, Sarah Hogan, on [email protected]