Services in Malta

Malta is a small island in the heart of the Mediterranean and has a long history of partnerships and working in collaboration with the UK.  Like any other small country ensuring state-of-the-art technology and services is a challenge. Nevertheless a team of highly dedicated professionals in Malta have seen the technological era of cochlear implants become a reality over the last few years.

Previously, children born with a severe-profound hearing loss had to wait until they could be assessed and eventually undergo surgery and mapping in Manchester. Despite the long journey several Maltese families went through this process to ensure that their child could be given an opportunity to listen and talk. It was during this time in the early 2000’s that AVT was first introduced to Malta. Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz LSLS Cert. AVT® and Catherine White LSLS Cert. AVT® have both been to Malta in the past to support the local team in setting up a habilitation service. Jackie Busuttil, a senior speech and language therapist was given training by Elizabeth and Catherine both in Malta and in Manchester.

What we did

In early 2015, the parents of a young boy with ANSD got in touch with AVUK via the blog Alice’s Ears, written by parents of two deaf children who have attended AVUK. The query was simple, does AVT work for children with ANSD? This set in motion a series of events that, fast forward six months, saw us start a project in collaboration with the Malta Cochlear Implant Programme.

In November 2015 our very own Maltese highly specialist speech and language therapist, Noel Kenely and LSLS Cert. AVT® Louise Hönck headed over to Malta to kick off the project. Eight preschool children who were recently fitted with cochlear implants were selected to participate in this project and receive auditory verbal therapy from AVUK.

Our listening and spoken language programme is delivered on a 1:1 basis by AVUK in direct collaboration with local speech and language therapist Jackie Busuttil who is a local specialist in the habilitation of children with cochlear implants. received fortnightly appointments with AVUK via tele-practice and a visit to Malta every half-term from Noel.

How the project is funded

The project was being funded entirely by the Maltese government. We are grateful to the Maltese government for making this project possible, making sure the clear goal for all is reached – strong language skills for deaf children. 

On 10th November 2016, Noel was invited to the Malta High Commission in London to meet with the President of Malta H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca in recognition of the services of AVUK to Maltese families.


Auditory Verbal UK in Malta

Therapist Noel Kenely invited to attend Maltese High Commission