Karen has become the latest person to qualify as a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS) Auditory Verbal therapist.

Karen who works at the Hearing and Balance Centre at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen described her journey: “In 2015, I began my training with Auditory Verbal UK (AVUK) to become a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist. As part of the programme, my colleagues and I went to AVUK in London to meet the team and observe live sessions. It was inspiring to see how the experienced and dedicated specialists worked with the children and their families.

“It has been a tremendously giving experience to work with the families attending AV therapy during my training. Being able to follow the development of the children and supporting the parents has been very rewarding, and I look forward to continuing this work in the future.  

“I am grateful for the training and supervision I have received from my mentors at AVUK. They have helped me develop my skills as a professional and have paved the way for my certification as an Auditory Verbal therapist.

“My colleagues in Copenhagen have also contributed greatly to my development. During the past year, we have managed to move AV therapy from being a small, specialized area of audiological practice to become a natural and integrated part of our treatment. I am very proud to take part in our work with helping families and children with hearing loss obtain the best possible outcome. This development would not have been possible without the valuable support and inspiration from the team at AVUK.”

More details about our training programme are available here