Training to be an Auditory Verbal Therapist

Find out how you can train to become an Auditory Verbal Therapist in the UK.Read more

Foundation level

This course comprises fortnightly sessions over six months with video and written assignments between training days. Designed to equip professionals with the core skills needed to develop auditory practice when working with children with hearing loss and their families, it is also a foundation course for professionals who want to go on and train to become LSLS CertAVT®s.Read more

Advanced level

Open to professionals who have successfully completed the Foundation level of our training package - Working Through Audition. Over a period of 2½ years, participants will hone their practical therapy skills and theoretical knowledge through small group tuition and individual mentoring. At the end of the training, these professionals should be ready to apply to the AG Bell Academy to sit the LSLS CertAVT® examination to become a certified auditory verbal therapist.Read more