Stine BorgesStine Borges is an Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist working at a national special care unit for children with hearing loss in Denmark, Hørerådgivningen – Børn & Unge.

She recently qualified as a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS) Auditory Verbal Therapist after completing AVUK’s foundation course and advanced course.

Stine said “when I began my training, I wasn’t sure if I would end up certifying or if I would just participate in the learning experience. When I finished the foundation course, I knew that I wasn’t done, so I signed up for the advanced course.

“Through wonderful support from AVUK, I was able to fulfil all the requirements and certified this summer (2023). I am forever thankful to the wonderful people at AVUK.”

In 2022, following a successful government-funded pilot programme, Auditory Verbal therapy became part of the standard healthcare system in Denmark. Stine said “in Denmark Auditory Verbal therapy is widely accepted and I learnt about the program through a colleague. A 3 year project was launched, where all children with hearing loss received government funded Auditory Verbal therapy. It was such a great project and I wanted in on it.”

Talking about her experience on the course, Stine said “the support of the mentors throughout the process was great. I wouldn’t have managed without it. The webinars were very informative and still incorporated lots of practice.”

Looking ahead to Stine’s goal and ambitions for the future, she said “I hope to be able to help families of children with hearing loss in many years to come and I hope to help spread the knowledge about the Auditory Verbal approach.”

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