A massive thank you and congratulations to our #TeamAVUK runners, Irina, Sophie, Will and Caroline who completed the London Landmarks Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd April. Together they raised over £3,600 to help more deaf children do the things they love and have the same opportunities in life as hearing children.  It’s not too late to donate either or why not take on your own  fundraising challenge for AVUK inspired by the very different stories and reasons for the fabulous four. 

For Irina Tisilita her motivation is simple - her son David was diagnosed as profoundly deaf following his newborn hearing screening. He received cochlear implants just before he was a year old and following research by Irina the family had already begun therapy with AVUK.

Now aged 11 David loves reading, skateboarding, skiing, football and riding his bike. He speaks both English and Romanian and Irina explained: “Without the fantastic support we had from AVUK I am not sure how David would have developed and thrived the way he did. We are so proud of him. He has big dreams and aspirations and we know that sky is the limit."

You can donate to Irina here.

Caroline Yuk and her brother are both congenitally deaf and have cochlear implants. Born and brought up in America Caroline is currently studying neuroscience at Oxford University after becoming the first deaf student to win a Marshall Scholarship.

She explained: "Auditory Verbal Therapy had an immense impact on both me and my brother. Thanks to this pioneering therapy our parents were told we could do anything a hearing child could and we are living proof of this. I want more deaf children to have the opportunity to achieve their potential by learning to listen and speak."

Read more about Caroline and donate on her fundraising page is here.

Sophie Williams currently works as a Speech and Language therapist in Bradford but was so inspired by one of the families she works with who had received Auditory Verbal Therapy she has joined the AVUK training programme.

She explained: "Seeing the difference it can make to a deaf child to be able to converse with their hearing friends and family has really made me want to expand the skills I already have. Families with deaf children deserve to have access to all the available options so that they can support their child by choosing the approach that best fits their child and the family.”

Sophie's AVUK training is thanks to the charity’s bursary scheme. She added: “Without the bursary scheme I doubt I would be enrolled on the Foundation course, it’s as simple as that. It is for this very reason that my partner and I are running the London Landmarks Half Marathon to fundraise for AVUK. It’s a small way I can give back to AVUK for this opportunity to train."

To read more and sponsor Sophie and her partner, Will visit their fundraising page.