Our goal is to equip professionals working across the UK with the skills needed to deliver Auditory Verbal practice with the families they work with.

We understand that training funding is limited in local authorities and the NHS and so we have established a bursary scheme to improve access to our training programme.

Training course bursaries

We have a limited number of bursaries available each year to cover the fees for our foundation and advanced training courses. This is subject to the funding the AVUK has available. Please get in touch for the latest information: [email protected] 

Bursary requirements:

  • You must be a fully qualified speech and language therapist, Teacher of the Deaf or audiologist.
  • You must be practising in the UK and be employed by a local authority or NHS Trust. We occasionally accept applications from professionals working private practice or charities as long as the delegate can demonstrate how they will work to transform service provision in the location they work. 
  • You must be working with pre-school children with hearing loss and have at least three children on your current caseload who you see on a regular basis. 
  • You must demonstrate that you are passionate about developing your auditory practice to improve the listening and spoken language outcomes in the children you work with.
  • You must demonstrate that you fully understand the requirements to complete this course.

The number of bursary places available are limited. If you wish to apply, please email [email protected] with your completed application form.We aim to make a decision within two weeks of receiving your application. 

Please note that due to the limited number available we cannot guarantee a bursary place for everyone who applies. If bursaries are available, we will award bursary places based on the requirements above and the commitment demonstrated in your application form.

In-service training options

We are sometimes able to offer in-service training at little or no cost to your employer. This would depend on the number of employees attending the training, the location that you are based, the cost of travel, and the type of training you wish to receive. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the funding options for in-service training, please email [email protected] 

We are extremely grateful to the generous trusts and foundations who are supporting our training bursaries and for investing in the future of deaf children in the UK.