We want all deaf babies and children to have the opportunity to listen and speak as equals alongside their hearing peers.

We want to raise expectations and outcomes for deaf children. We work to increase awareness, understanding and access to Auditory Verbal therapy by providing services directly to families and sharing our expertise with health and education professions so that many more families can access Auditory Verbal therapy close to where they live.

Founded in 2003, Auditory Verbal UK has grown to be the leading provider of Auditory Verbal therapy in the UK. Our charity and its leaders have won numerous sector awards and continue to collaborate with organisations working in the field in the UK and worldwide.

What we do

Our organisational focus is in four main areas:

Our strategy

Based around our Theory of Change, our five year strategy explains our current plans to transform service provision, continue to provide high-quality support for families and improve how we work as an organisation to ensure that we create a sound future for children with hearing loss throughout the UK.

You can read our five year strategy (2016-2021) by clicking to download here.

Our Values

Achieving the best

  • We believe in having high expectations for deaf children’s futures.
  • We strive for excellence in everything that we do and have high professional standards.
  • We continually review our ways of working to deliver the very best outcomes for deaf children.
  • We want to be the best organisation we can be to work for and to work with.
  • We are evidence-based and continually learn and improve from others in the public, private and voluntary sectors in the UK and internationally.


  • We view parents and carers as the child’s ‘best expert’.
  • We understand that there is an emotional journey that families face following a diagnosis of deafness and strive to provide the support they need
  • We support and provide guidance to families on additional resources and challenges they may face
  • We empower parents/carers to develop their child’s listening, speaking and social skills.
  • We support parents and their children to become strong advocates for themselves.


  • We respect and value diversity.
  • We respect language and communication preferences.
  • We recognise and respect other professionals and each other.
  • We value all our supporters equally.


  • We work collaboratively with professionals, organisations, children and parents in partnership.
  • We identify and build bridges with people and organisations that can help us to make a difference for deaf babies and children in the UK.
  • We work closely with our international partners who have been delivering listening and spoken language programmes for a number of years.
  • We work collaboratively as a team to find solutions to challenges and learn from others.