Loud Shirt Day UK

Wear your loudest clothes to create a sound future for deaf children on 21st October 2022

On October 21st, we hope that you will wear your brightest clothes and get LOUD across the world to give more deaf children the opportunity to learn to listen and talk. 

Loud Shirt Day is in support of the award-winning national charity Auditory Verbal UK (AVUK) which helps deaf children learn to listen and talk. Many deaf children are still under-achieving at school, are at higher risk of isolation, bullying and social exclusion and have lower employment prospects. AVUK is transforming deaf children’s lives, with 80% of children who spend at least two years on our programme achieving age appropriate language.

Auditory Verbal UK have been amazing. They have never underestimated Mia’s abilities ...  Mia has made amazing progress. Her speech and language is almost age appropriate and she is very happy, social and confident. Despite having to work four times harder to walk, talk, listen and learn, Mia is keeping up with her peers and going from strength to strength.

Mother of Mia, who has CHARGE syndrome

To find out more visit our main website or watch this clip:

Our vision is for all deaf babies and children to have the opportunity to listen and speak as equals alongside their hearing peers. Help us make this a reality by getting loud for deaf children!