EIG Wellbeing Auction

Alicja Boryn

As part of our EIG Wellbeing Week, we are excited to invite you to EIG’s very first Wellbeing Auction on Tuesday 31st October 14:00 – 15:00, to celebrate ‘Loud Shirt Day’ – an opportunity to get LOUD to support deaf children across the UK by donating to Auditory Verbal UK, a charity which transforms their ability to speak and listen.

Dan's Loud Shirt

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Helping out those like me

Purcell Nottingham

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A huge thank you to everyone who is supporting us

Irina’s London Landmarks Half Marathon 2022

Irina Tiselita

My son David had AV Therapy after getting his cochlear implants.The support we received from AVUK was paramount.
Running the LLHM is a small way I can give back to AvUk for all their encouragement, positivity and inspiration in our journey.

The Wonder of Sound Fundraising Event

Jorge Villon

Raising funds so that AVUK can provide access to Auditory Verbal Therapy to more deaf children in the UK.

The Mulberry House School (Sycamore House charity fundraising)

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The Sycamore House team at The Mulberry House school has voted to raise money for Auditory Verbal UK. Auditory Verbal UK is an award-winning charity founded in 2003 to raise expectations for deaf children.

London to Paris Cycle Challenge

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Language is key to thinking, learning and interacting with others. An intervention that enables deaf children to acquire fundamental language skills early on, preventing them from falling behind others, is worth supporting.

St James Senior Girls' School Dance-a-thon

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Two hours of non stop dancing to raise money for Auditory Verbal UK.

Ride for life

Emily Karran

I am raising money for Auditory Verbal to help deaf people achieve the best start in life, please help Support my cause!

Orson & family 6825 challenge

Avril Grimer

Orson, was born with moderate-severe high frequency sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. AVUK has been life-changing for our family and we are eternally gratefully. Orson started auditory verbal therapy aged 2 and graduated from the course at 4.5 years old, tracking a year ahead of his age on the Preschool Language Scales assessment. For a young boy who cannot hear the sound of a bike bell, birds singing and the doorbell ringing without his hearing aids it was an incredible achievement.

The Mulberry House Schools' Loud Shirt Day Fundraiser!

The Mulberry House School

We are supporting an alumni student Orson Grimer to raise awareness of the amazing work AVUK does to help equip youngsters with hearing loss.

Get Loud for Hugo and other deaf children

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We are fundraising for AVUK because we want more people to know about this amazing charity and support their provide for deaf children. We want more families who have deaf born children to know that support is there and it is possible to teach their children to listen and speak

The Grimer Family £6825 challenge

Avril Grimer

As many of you know our son, Orson, was born with with moderate-severe high frequency sensorineural hearing loss in both ears (his hearing loss was caused by a genetic mutation on the Connexin 26 gene).

Auditory Verbal UK is a charity that wants all deaf babies and children to have the opportunity to listen and speak like their hearing peers. The Auditory Verbal approach stimulates auditory brain development and enables deaf children with hearing aids and cochlear implants to make se